We publish eBooks that people want to read.

Pretty simple really.

About AJLA Media

We’re here to build your eBook library. Simple as that. We’re an independent eBook publisher interested only in giving you, the reader, what they want. This means research, research, research, identifying gaps in the market to both write and publish books that we know people want to read.

Some of our eBooks are serious in tone, and others less so. But what is consistent across our eBook library is that when we turn ideas into words, we do it with the reader in mind. It’s all about entertaining and informing without breaking anybody’s bank.

A Pocket Friendly eBook Library

Knowledge is power, so the saying goes. Knowledge should also be cheap enough for everybody’s pocket. We’re growing our eBook library with affordability in mind.

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Creativity is Key

Whatever the subject matter, we’ve got our creative heads screwed on. It’s important to us that our eBooks are accessible: that means easy to read and easy understand. If you have any suggestions for us, let us know.

AJLA Media’s Growing eBook Library

Cool Inventions That Amazed The World

20th Century Edition

Healthy Cooking Made Easy!

How to Prepare Delicious and Nutritious Meals at Home

Mindfulness in the Workplace

How to Reduce Stress and Boost Productivity

Improve Memory Today

How to Enjoy Big Brain Thinking

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